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What do real mothers think about the Cushie PushieTM?

“I've just found the best nursing support pillow around.  It positions you so that you can actually nurse hands free.  This is my third child and the first time I've ever done that…I can leave it laying around the house and no one really notices it.  It's very discreet. Oh and it's machine washable so when my daughter spits up while nursing or milk gets on it I can just throw it in the washer.”   

Mother of three, Illinois

“My Cushie Pushie Breast Pillow has been a life saver!  It really makes breastfeeding SO much easier these days!  I wish it had been around with my first two babies! I love the fact that it is completely washable and it comes in some very cute fabrics. I would say this is a must have product for any breastfeeding mom's who have larger breasts.”

Mother of three, Kentucky 

"I wanted to tell you that your breast pillow is actually quite cool to use. It is especially useful now, when her head is so small. The pillow takes up that extra room between your elbow and the baby's head so that you can comfortably hold the baby firmly to your breast with only one arm. I give it a thumbs up!"

New Mom, Canada

“The Cushie Pushie worked great!  Definitely more comfortable than what I was using to prop up my breast!  It provided a good angle.” 

Mother of two, New Jersey

"I love it and keep it with my Boppy pillow.  It is used every time I nurse.  I am so excited to be hands-free!!!!!"

Mother of one, Massachusetts

"I get a lot of questions from people about it, and I rave about it to everyone. My daughter is now 9 weeks old and I'm still using it and loving it."

Mother of one, Canada

We'd love to hear what you think of your Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow, so send us your comments to marketing@cushiepushie.com.